Friday, 7 March 2008

The Grim Reaper of Blogs


He comes to all us all in the end, scythe in hand, ready to help us shuffle off this mortal coil whether we want to or not.

What a dick.

For The Best Bit of the Internet, today heralds the day the Grim Reaper of Blogs reaches out with his mighty weapon (no laughing at the back, there. This is serious) and extinguishes all life from the poor, old blog.

Which is a rather noncy , puffed-up way of saying I'm no longer updating this site.

It was fun while it lasted, but now The Best Bit of the Internet has outlived its purpose. I'm far too busy writing The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely and my personal blog, Digital Sickbag to even care about this place any more.

I know, its sad.

Still, whilst The Best Bit of the Internet crumbles into ashes, something else will rise from them - Phoenix-like - and issue forth new life and new possibilities...

Which is a rather noncy, puffed-up way of saying I've got a new site in the works. Look at this:


gaup hits the net very soon, like a sledgehammer of SODDING BRILLIANCE.

So forget this dive. Let's get out of here. I'll meet you somewhere else on the internet, at some other best place.


- Fanton.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Still the Best

Hello! We're still here!

We haven't all fled to the Caribbean, or been swallowed by sharks or anything, in case you're wondering. We've just been busy, is all. Geez, give us a break already. No, YOU shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP.

That's it! We're going to mother's.

While we're at mother's, sobbing away and eating ice cream by the gallon, you might like to visit our other spectacular sites, where we've been as busy as ever:

The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely
- the exhilarating, erotically-charged exploits of a Victorian aristocrat.

The Carrotty Kid - kung-fu carrot based cartoons.

Digital Sickbag - the virtual vomitings of some sickly sod.

i done a comic - foul-mouthed comic strip fun.

We shall return!

See you soon!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ray the Otter: Fez.

For more Ray the Otter, and other assorted curse-filled cartoons, visit i done a comic, by Stu Munro.

Oh, and wish him a Happy Birthday while you're there.

And call him a shit-bag.

- Fanton.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Best or Worst: Mugs.


Welcome to yet another new column for The Best Bit of the Internet, where we will review products for YOU so you can decide whether or not to buy them, as our opinions are ALWAYS RIGHT and should be adhered to RIGIDLY.

Today, we take a look at MUGS.

We don't know about you, but we are fed up of pouring scalding hot drinks into our cupped hands, just to enjoy some tea or coffee. There has to be a better way to enjoy our favourite drinks, without winding up in the Emergency Ward?

Well, now there is - mugs. These drinking vessels purport to eliminate those burnt-hand blues by providing a receptacle in which hot beverages can be stored, ready to be drunk at your leisure. So, does the mug work, or are they making mugs of us all?


The mug certainly looks nice, having been carefully crafted out of ceramic materials and rounded off with a lovely glazed finish. A sole handle sits on the side, lending the mug an economy of design that only adds to its charm. Unfussy, uncomplicated and unobtrusive, the mug will surely go down in history as a design classic, to be imitated for years to come.


We found the mug to be extremely easy to use, as befits its simple design. You simply fill the mug up with a hot beverage of your choice, and then drink said beverage in your own time. Thanks to the thick walls of the mug, the drink retains its heat for an extended period of time, meaning it can be drunk as and when the drinker sees fit. However, we did find that the mug could be rather hot to the touch after filling it up with a boiling hot drink, and we were concerned that we might hurt our delicate hands.

"...a genius innovation".

That is where the handle comes in. Whereas previous versions of the mug have been distinctly handle-less, the makers of the mug have listened to consumer feedback and added a simple handle to the design of this latest model. It is a genius innovation, which allows users to pick up the mug with far greater ease and comfort, and without sustaining any injury. It is a masterstroke which we feel elevates the mug to 'must-have' status.


The mug is a rather fragile item, which will chip or shatter if treated roughly, or hurled angrily at a cheating spouse. However, if properly taken care of, the mug could last forever, providing you with a lifetime of drinking pleasure.


We cannot rate the mug highly enough. If you like hot drinks, then look no further - this is the perfect storage device. CHEERS!



- tested by Andy Fanton.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

You Are Going Straight to Hell because You Will Not Touch Yourself.

God is angry. God is very angry. It doesn't pay to make God angry. You wouldn't like him when He's angry.

God is angry because, despite His best efforts, and all His hard work, some of you out there still refuse to touch yourself.

Look between your legs. Go on, get up off your chair, pull down your trousers (or lift up your skirts) and take a look.

See that thing between your legs? That is no accident of design. God did not slip with His Almighty Holy pencil while sketching out His blueprint for mankind. That thing is there for a reason. And no, I'm not referring to urination. Touch it. Touch it gently. Feel that pleasant sensation? That is God's way of telling you that you should touch yourself more often.

I hear fellow Christians claiming that touching yourself is a terrible, ugly sin. Those people are WRONG, and God shall strike them down. If God had meant for masturbation to be a sin, He would surely have made your genitals boiling hot to the touch, or made them shrivel up and fall off upon contact. But He did not do that, my friends. He made it feel nice to touch. He knew what he was doing. He was sending out a very clear signal - TOUCH YOURSELF.

Still some people did not get His message, so God went further. He put upon the land creatures so ravishing, so sexually attractive that simply seeing these people half-dressed would make you feel highly aroused, and want to touch yourself.

This fine-looking female was not put upon this Earth to further the cause of mankind, or help develop a cure for all disease. God had a place upon this Earth for people like her, and that place is in glossy magazines, lying around in varying states of undress, just to make you crave a quick wank.

Feel that urge rising up in your loins? Feel that desire to touch yourself? Do not fight it. Give in to it, for that is what He wants you to do. Do not listen to the naysayers who cry out that it is an evil temptation that must be ignored. God wants you to pound yourself raw, and expel your juices in sticky praise of His glorious work.

But still there are those that refuse to believe the truth. They decry the spilling of semen, claiming that it is a precious fluid, solely for the creation of babies. Once again, they are wrong, and God will kick them in the face in Heaven. Do you know how many sperm a man can produce in a lifetime? Millions upon millions. Do you really think that God intended for you to go forth and make millions of babies, clogging up our already overcrowded planet with their incessant whining and crying? Of course not, He is not stupid. He gave you plenty of spare sperm to spunk forth into fresh tissues, or old socks, or upon the back of a whore. It is all part of His great master plan.

So, do not fear yourself, dear readers. Proudly grab your penis, or explore your vagina, and give thanks to the Lord for His glorious creation.

Just remember to clean up afterwards. God has no patience for filth.

- Reverend B.J Hades, The Church of the Hairy Palm.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Best Bits of the Internet that We Didn't Do 2

Hello and welcome again to The Best Bit of the Internet's 'The Best Bits of the Internet that We Didn't Do...2'! (APPLAUSE, CHEERING).

Right! Without further ado, here are some things we've found on the internet that we didn't do, but are still Quite Good nonetheless. Soooooo....

Pringle Bells

Some of our good chums are in a band, and as such they like to make music. One of the musics they made recently was a Christmas-themed jingle for everyone's favourite tube-based snack, Pringles, as part of a competition run by the crunchy crisp corporation. Below is the band's masterpiece, set to a lovely animated video involving snowmen. And crisps. Watch it, love it, and then why not vote for it on the Pringles site, so that they might win and maybe treat us to a delicious Pringle. Do it, or little baby Christ will cry for all infinity.


Yeah, we know, we know. We've run articles about this virtual snowman maker before, but the truth is we love it and we love its creator, the marvelous Mike Whaite. So we'll continue posting about it until EVERYONE on the ENTIRE INTERNET has visited it. Like these three folks, who've submitted their fine efforts here:

Dirty Snow by Beennzzz of Stealthy Bean. Filth. Utter FILTH. (Excellent, 5/5)

Snow Globes by Olga, The Traveling Bra. Nice snowy peaks, there.

Manny, by Jack Ferguson. A snow-alien-cowboy. No, we don't know either.

And Now the Huey Lewis and the News

Huey needs your help! Over at Mattress Police, the ever-excellent Diesel has decided to give his blog a profound meaning and purpose, by campaigning to get Huey Lewis and the News back on constant rotation on radio stations across the land. We here at The Best Bit of the Internet fully support this cause, and urge you to join this important crusade. Need more convincing? How about this, then?...

You know what to do.


Finally, a bit of the internet we DID do. The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely sees the titular aristocrat embark upon a BRAND-NEW adventure, entitled the Curious Case of the Conjuring Calamity. Of course, the fact we did it makes it entirely brilliant, plus this is the perfect jumping on point for those foolish imbeciles who have yet to sample his lordship's delights. Join the adventure, here!

That's it. We're spent. BYEEEE!

- Fanton.

Friday, 9 November 2007

The Best Bits of the Internet that We Didn't Do

Although we here at The Best Bit of the Internet are generally responsible for all the best stuff on the web, sometimes other people do things that are not too bad, and definitely worth a look. So, sit back, relax and pull down your pants as we share with you some of the best bits of the internet that we didn't do, in our new weekly column we call:

The Best Bits of the Internet that We Didn't Do


This short film, made as part of a university project by some friends of ours, asks that age-old question: what would you do if you thought your mate was a vampire? We've all been there, right? Writer/director/star Tom Butler has done a sterling job on a budget of three pounds fifty-five, and produced a funny film for you to enjoy now:

Although we did not make this film, we heartily endorse it anyway. Not least because we did do a bit of writing on it, and generously donated our old flat for some of the location filming. We're nice like that. Hooray!

Filthy Snowmen

People of high virtue and unquestionable morals are often referred to as being "as pure as the driven snow." Well, now they'll have to rewrite that particular phrase, as snow just got a lot more filthy thanks to animation genius Mike Whaite. You may recall us pointing you all in the direction of his excellent virtual snowman maker earlier in the week, and now we present you with the XXXX hardcore, adult version! Go and make some slutty snowmen and snowwomen right now - like this pornographic pair right here:


Laurel and Hardy As You've Never Heard Them Before!

The Peter Serafinowicz Show concluded its run on BBC2 this week, causing us to all moan and wail with displeasure, as it was pretty much the only show on TV we tuned into regularly. Still, it was great while it lasted, featuring some really genius comic moments, such as this rather...colourful tribute to Laurel and Hardy. Enjoy!

So there you go. There is some other good stuff out there, after all.


- Andy Fanton.